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Fort Works Art announces DUETS 2.0 November 1 through December 30, 2017, a reemergence of 2016’s exhibition Duets A Comparison of Realities, showcasing 7 sets of artists working in similar mediums, themes, or styles in an effort to take the audience through an exploration of comparative works. DUETS 2.0 is a mixed-media juxtaposition that highlights artists from all over the country whose work has been featured in Hi Fructose, Juxtapoz, VICE, and more.

DUETS 2.0 features Arthur Brouthers and Ben Willis, Johan Barrios and Jay Wilkinson, Janna Tidwell and Yvonne Domenge, Leah Yerpe and Marshall Harris, Jeremy Joel and Steve Kim, Dan Lam and Andres Anza.

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New Pop will explore how pop art has changed in a fast-growing technological age and current trends in media and social platforms. Tax Collection hopes to analyze today’s emerging style of pop culture is affected by instant access to information and an endless supply of imagery available on the internet. The carefully-curated list of artists in New Pop seeks to showcase the interaction between contemporary pop iconography, ranging from celebrities to viral trends, and are on the forefront of exploring how the new millennial generation interacts and comments on social and political trends.

New Pop features Saint Hoax, Tony Futura, Sara Zaher, Andre Veloux, Chloe Bennet, Felipe Posada and Santlov. 

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Visit Fort Works Arts satellite gallery to view local artist Jana Renée’s debut exhibition: Reverie. Enter “a state of dreamy meditation” as a liberation from the chaos of the world during Renée’s first solo show.

"This series is about escapism through art during this tumultuous time we live in. We are reminded constantly by the media and of the terrible things people are doing all over the world. Rather than to create a series about the sorrow I feel for my country and my world, I wanted to create paintings that are so lush and imaginative that the viewer can escape the turmoil in the world for a moment. The purpose of these paintings is to remind us to simply breathe and to go to a peaceful place in our mind.

Two things that have always helped me find peace are gazing at the beautiful sky and meditating into a restful sleep. I hope to share that feeling of ultimate peace I feel in those moments with these paintings."